Appointment Booking and Scheduling for Small Businesses

Incredibly powerful software, yet simple in everyday use for customers and administrators.

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How does it work?

With a simple installation process and a helpful onboarding call you will get ready to accept bookings in no time.
We install ottobooking on your Website site
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We create your booking page and add your services
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Book Appointment
Now your customers can book appointments on your website.

Simple Steps that can be rearranged or skipped

You are in control

We realize that every business is different, with that in mind we've created a unique interface where you can disable steps you don't need or rearrange the order of steps. For example you can capture customer information before they pick anything, this way you can contact them later if they never finished the booking process.

Fully Responsive

Each team member has their own dashboard and calendar

Today most people browse internet with their phones, we've made our software fully responsive, so that your team and customers can easily login to their account using their phone and manage their bookings and settings on the go.

Powerful Customer Dashboard. Your customers can manage appointments, send you messages and more.

Complete customer control

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Take Payment Processing to the next level with our Intuitive Interface

We support the biggest names in the game. Stripe, PayPal and BrainTree payments allow you to accept payments in almost every country around the globe.

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal Payments
  • Deposit or Full Amount
  • Pay on Arrival

Smart Performance Reports and Analytics for staff and services

Export Data to Excel

Our dashboard will give you insights into your business. Showing you top performing team member, how busy they are, upcoming appointments, charts with important booking information and more.

Complete Control over Work Schedule

Customizable work schedules for each staff and service, custom days off, holidays and selected days with custom schedule.

Days With Custom Schedule
Holidays and Days off
Multiple Work Periods per day

Quickly Preview when your team is available

Our unique timline element will help you see who is available with just a quick glance over the full monthly schedule.

Custom Messages

Send Appointment Reminders and Notifications via SMS and Email.

It's important to promptly notify your customers and agents about upcoming appointments, or simlpy send a notification of status change or something else. We've integrated Twilio API into our booking software so you can send your customers notifications via SMS and edit their contents.

Growing library of Addons

Sometimes you need a specific feature that others don't. we've built custom add-ons. Need a timezone selector, coupon, or different payment processor during booking process? No problem! Just install our add-ons. Our library is growing daily with the feedback from our customers.

Calendar Sync
Promo Codes
PayPal Payments
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